In Castillo&Co, we know that it is a priority for our clients to monitor and comply with the multiple tax duties.

For this reason, tax planning is critical to minimize tax risk and ask how this can be optimized under local laws.

Once the needs of our clients have been raised and listened to by our tax experts, we will evaluate the risks and opportunities of your business, identifying what benefits you would participate in. 

Before these are executed, they must be adequately reviewed and consistent with the financial statements so that the legal and accounting parties synergize and the tax design can serve and meet the needs of your business.

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For a company thinking of expanding for the first time or where global expansion is a regular occurrence, it is essential to have international tax planning that works and is consistent with the different regulations of the various jurisdictions in which the client finds it attractive to operate. 

At Castillo&Co, we do not only offer the typical tax consulting services; we go beyond the territoriality, always looking for what is most convenient for the client.

Nowadays, our professionals have to study the local regulations and our clients themselves, pushing us to think of endless horizons.  This is why our network of professionals in the Americas, Europe and Asia provides tangible perspectives in accordance with any national or international tax entity.

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The development of an operation between companies must be governed under the framework of prices according to the market they address. Thus there is the principle of fairness between companies in the same sector in which they exercise their operations. 

In Castillo&Co, we choose to work pro-actively with the client in designing operative and financial models that benefit the client in the decision-making process but that are also real and applicable in the client’s operations.

Our multidisciplinary team does not wait until the end of the year to make corrections to the transfer prices made in the fiscal year. Instead, we work month by month, minimizing imminent doubts or errors produced before local or international entities penalize the taxpayer. 

We develop

– Scrutinies of activities executed between related parties questioning, verifying and comparing that the prices are consistent with the market avoiding setbacks.

– Analysis of whether operations are susceptible to transfer pricing before they are executed irrationally.

– Staggering of hours, jobs or operations demonstrating consistency with local and international tax entities. 

– Tax reporting depending on operational amounts under the guidelines of local and international laws. 

– Standardize transfer prices in one country to be supported in other jurisdictions under the same procedure.

Tax Operate

At Castillo&Co, we know that complying with your tax obligations can be a tedious and complex process when you are not fully aware of the jurisdiction in which your business operates. 

Ignorance of taxation or non-compliance does not exempt you from incurring penalties.

We help companies with subsidiaries worldwide where their tax compliance must be governed under the parent company’s standards and do tax planning according to the country in which the operations are executed or those individuals who need to file their income tax returns. 

Our team of professionals is at your disposal to manage your tax obligations and thus facilitate your operations. 

We guarantee that the tax function is constantly updated, audited and reliable.

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A tax refund procedure can be complex and somewhat frustrating if you do not have the knowledge or advice of specialists in the field. 

Those taxpayers who have balances in positive of their income tax returns are subject to claim this amount.

In Castillo&Co, we specialize in the development of your tax refund strategy to be satisfactory; however, from the beginning, we illustrate the feasibility of being able to acquire this balance is positive or, on the contrary, to transfer it to the next taxable period. 

The review of figures is based on its three pillars.

Operation income, costs and expenses to be able to argue the tax strategy coherently.

We distinguish ourselves in being precise and sincere in the viability of your tax refund, accompanying the whole process.


In an environment of ever-changing capital markets where new and more complex problems require the best expertise and solutions.

Our Castillo&Co tax team is dedicated to supporting your objectives whether you are a family-owned business, private equity investor, or high net worth individual.

Managing your tax obligations is essential for the success of your business; working with an advisor who understands the difficulty of your problems and your personal goals is vital. 

At Castillo&Co, we bring together our tax staff who specialize in clients like you and who will accompany you in the following scenarios: 

– Local and international tax advice and planning.

– Business structuring, capitalization and liquidity.

– Compliance and reporting to tax authorities. 

– Risk and opportunity management of your operations.

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