Every client is a different story.

In a capital market as volatile as it is today, where problems are becoming more and more complex for companies, it is vital to have an ally that not only listens but genuinely understands the client’s interests.

At Castillo&Co, we are known for giving a personalized approach to all our services but, above all, in the planning of a corporate strategy.

We understand our clients in more depth to provide solutions that are not based on assumptions but on the same experience we have had in different industries, giving the client the advantage of achieving the most optimal and sustainable results. 

We question different perspectives and jointly come up with solutions that can be adapted to various challenges such as: 

For example, is my company profitable enough compared to my costs and expenses?

What will my company’s performance be like in the coming years?

How can I expand my operations without having to sacrifice my company’s finances significantly?

If I am interested in merging with or acquiring another company, how would it benefit my business? Is it profitable?

How can I distribute my company’s dividends effectively and without significant tax impact?

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In Castillo&Co we manage the corporate finance of SMEs, multinational companies, family businesses or individuals where we identify the performance of different pillars such as liquidity, financial debt, efficiency, and profitability among others of your business, we seek sustainable solutions in line with your interests.

– We provide data analysis that illustrates the different risks your company presents.

– We provide comprehensive portfolio solutions when there is insufficient cash flow.

– We analyze your company’s ability to meet its financial obligations.

– We form strategies to streamline portfolio collection. 

– We identify the most appropriate type of financing.

– We make financial forecasts of projects.


At Castillo&Co, we give an independent perspective as to what you want to acquire but analyzing the risks that you may have if you do not evaluate the past, present and future of the potential company.

In this step to a new expansion, we combine our four areas of expertise (financial, operational, fiscal and commercial), identifying the strengths and weaknesses that will give you a broad understanding of decision making.

Not only will it allow you to expand, but it will also generate strategic growth without compromising or jeopardizing your everyday operations. 

Regardless of the stage of the negotiation, at Castillo&Co, we will always seek to protect the interests of investors, from the financial evaluation to the conclusion of the agreement.

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