At Castillo&Co, we know that creating an impeccable synergy between the operation and effective management of finances and accounting requires highly qualified personnel. Still, above all, they understand the responsibility of ensuring that the stakeholders’ objectives are achieved.

We have an impeccable reputation for being the right hand of the CFO (Chief Financial Officer), corporate treasury and external auditors regarding the outsourcing of your company’s accounting and financial operations.

Our team not only gives you the ability to disclose these operations but also allows you to execute and concentrate on your primary operation.

However, suppose your operations are already being executed under the parent company’s specific accounting system or procedures. In that case, our staff will adjust to your needs for an adequate and competent transition.

We also generate and present internal or external reports (fiscal entities) that demonstrate that the financial information is reliable and transparent.

Our main objective is to generate an added value to the client and, most importantly, the peace of mind that their financial operations are being executed correctly.

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administracion y finanzas empresas


One of the most critical challenges, especially for companies evaluating the possibility of establishing in a foreign country, is finding an ally representing their interests and ensuring that operations are being developed smoothly. 

In Castillo&Co, we provide our clients to be able to execute their operations with the constant guidance of administrative and financial management.

Our team will take care of those obligations such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, inventories, treasury, portfolio, assets and liabilities of your company, among others. 

Clients from different industries and countries have trusted us for years, and the results prove it.


The most important asset of a company is its employees. Their performance is perceived in the final product of its supply chain. 

A team in charge of payroll and personnel management is indispensable for the development of a company.

Castillo&Co provides all those solutions that concern personnel management. 

-Employee affiliations to social security and compensation funds.

-Payroll settlement and elaboration of payment flyers.
-Settlement of the social security payroll.
-Procedure of withholding at the source that must be applied to employees. 

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