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One of the most critical departments in the operation of an organization, be it SMEs, a family business or a multinational company, is audit management. 

It provides confidence to the executors of important decisions that the information is accurate, correct, complete and objective.

In Castillo&Co, apart from being the right partner for your company, we are characterized by separating the professional relationship, making an independent opinion either favourable or unfavourable. 

To execute the audit activities, we base our opinions on collecting financial, organizational and tax information, respecting the confidentiality and interest of our client. 

Our priority is to show those flaws or mistakes within your organization and correct them as soon as possible, promoting sustainable growth for your company.


Similar to an external audit, the statutory auditor is an exclusive service for our clients interested in making their operations in Colombia and exceeding a certain amount in their annual income. 

This manages and dictates the legitimacy of the financial statements, reports and concepts in the operation before the controlling and surveillance entities in Colombia.

In addition to being an essential part of its operations, our professionals also actively participate in watching over the interests of stakeholders.

Activities such as financial, tax and organizational planning are those in which the statutory auditor can provide valuable input.

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